May 25th - 27th

Nitro Circus!

Nitro Circus has partnered with Brimstone as the perfect host for a HUGE new stunt.  Nitro Circus has gone fast, they’ve gone big, they’ve pushed the limits, and now they are going further than they EVER have…. right here at our very own White Knuckle Event!

Nitro Circus is filming this stunt for the sequel to Travis Pastrana’s passion project: Action Figures 2.  The SXS jump will be a major stunt in his movie, which just like the first film, is full of world records.

With the help of Brimstone, Nitro Circus will be building one of the biggest ramp set ups EVER built.   Action Figures 2 is all about pushing the limits and breaking records and this stunt will do both.

This stunt will be open to all attendees of the White Knuckle Event to watch LIVE!